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Help Aidan Attend
Gregory the Great
Help Eric Communicate!
Please help Aidan continue his education, character formation, and faith journey by attending Gregory the Great Academy!

Aidan is 15 years old and comes from a large Catholic family (12 children!). He faithfully serves his parish in South Bend as an altar server.  He would like to attend Gregory the Great Academy in Pennsylvania. Although he has been accepted, paying for this opportunity is proving to be a financial hardship for Aidan’s family.

About the School: Gregory the Great Academy is a traditional, Catholic, male boarding school. It offers a well-rounded education for boys in grades 9-12 and is structured around faith formation. Through their classical Liberal Arts curriculum, a young man can deepen his faith, sharpen his intellect, and become a true Catholic gentleman. Students are not only kept mentally and spiritually busy, but also physically through sports, camping, weekend trips to neighboring locales, and many more activities on the 200 acre campus.

If you believe in the preservation of Catholic tradition, then the most important thing we can do is to pass it on to the next generation.  Please consider donating towards this worthy cause!

Please visit Gregory the Great Academy’s website at:
Eric is 6 years old, has severe autism, and very limited speech.
He yearns to be able to communicate and it is very frustrating for him to not be able to communicate his wants, feelings, and thoughts. God has presented us with an opportunity for Eric to learn how to communicate via letter board and typing (it is called rapid prompting method or RPM). In order for him and us to learn how to do this we must travel to Wisconsin and stay for a few days. We would be going 3 times throughout the year. It is costly to learn the therapy and travel is expensive as well.
We would appreciate any financial assistance for this amazing opportunity for Eric to finally be able to communicate and have a voice. Prayers would be appreciated as well! God bless and thank you!
Learn about RPM – Rapid Prompting Method.

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