St. Stanislaus

Latin Parish

“If you want a church full of Catholics who know their faith, love their faith and practice their faith, give them a liturgy that is demanding, profound and rigorous. They will rise to the challenge.”

– Peter Kwasniewski


Blessing of Wine:

     On Wednesday, Dec. 27 there will be the Blessing of Wine in Honor of St. John, Apostle and 

Evangelist following the 7am Mass. If you would like wine to be blessed but are unable to be

present for the blessing, you may drop it off at church and pick it up at your convenience;

please label your items.


Masses for January 1:

     Please note that Monday, January 1 is not a holy day of obligation this year in the United


7:00am Low Mass

10:00am Sung Mass


Christmas Party:

     Please join us in the rectory for a Christmas party on Saturday, January 6. This will be an

open house style adult mixer. This is a chance to meet and get to know other members of

the parish in a festive atmosphere. Please see the upcoming bulletins for further details.


Upcoming Events



Trivia Night:

          Get out those letterman jackets, bobby socks and chinos! St. Stanislaus Trivia Night is

“Going Back to School”! Join us on January 27, 2018 at the American Legion Post 357

[5414 W. Sample St., SB] to play 10 rounds of exciting trivia with some of your favorite

school subjects: Geography, History, Religion …can YOU still get an “A” on an exam?

Come play trivia and find out.

          Start getting your tables ready! Find that old classmate who was the “Brain” and let’s

see if he or she is still the smartest in the class. There will be prizes awarded for the

best decorated table and best school costume!


  • East egg hunt

    East egg hunt

  • Easter egg hunt

    Easter egg hunt

  • Home School Co-op

    Home School Co-op

  • Parish picnic

    Parish picnic

  • Womens Sodality party

    Womens Sodality party

  • Ice cream social

    Ice cream social

  • Ice cream social

    Ice cream social

  • Trivia Night

    Trivia Night

  • Parish Bonfire

    Parish Bonfire

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